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I am honored and humbled that the people of Lakewood had enough confidence in me and the job I have done so far to let me lead this city for another 4 years. 

Our Values


A Great City is a Safe City

During my tenure as Mayor, we have increased the public safety budget by nearly 25%, adding over 20 new police agents. We also hired community service officers to ensure quick responses with a high level of customer service. We created a new team dedicated to addressing issues related to homelessness and mental health. And we passed a robust ordinance to help reduce crime along the West Colfax Corridor. 

Learn more about our efforts along West Colfax here.

A Healthy City Invests in Parks and Open Space

Together we have had a historic run of parks and open space expansion. We purchased and preserved nearly 60 acres of the Historic Taylor Estate. We opened many new playgrounds including a one of a kind space for kids of all abilities at Carmody Park. Through 2D’s passage over $8.5 million will be reinvested to expand our parks and opens spaces even further in years to come. 

Learn more about Carmody Park.

The Core of a Connected City is its Mobility

As a community, we have aggressively pursued capital improvement programs such as the beautiful new Alameda Streetscape Project. We have paved and resurfaced hundreds of miles of our roads, resulting in some of the highest quality in the state. We have expanded sidewalk connections throughout the community. 

Our streetscape has become a model for cities across the state. Learn more here, or here

Our work is not finished. There is much more we can do.

What’s at stake is a community that has a tradition of dreaming big, staffed with talented people and leading the way in innovation. We must continue to look for ways to improve our public infrastructure throughout the community, to fund the resources to support programs that will keep our city safe, healthy, and connected.

What we have accomplished


All America City 2016

We were again honored with this prestigious award for bringing together our churches, schools, and nonprofits to offer tutoring, food assistance and other essentials to our kids and families most in need. I want all of our residents to be proud of what we have accomplished together.

You can read more here.

Coalition to End Hunger in Lakewood

A great city is not only judged by prosperity, but by how we can come together to help those most in need. We are too great of a city to let anyone go hungry. That is why we have created an amazing organization to help those most in need in our communities.

You can learn more about it here.

We are an engaged City

Lakewood’s first Sustainability Plan has brought together thousands of residents who are working together to create a better future for our city. Our Sustainable Neighborhoods program was recently a finalist for the highly regarded Engaged Cities Award. Other finalists include Atlanta, Bogota, Chicago, and London. This is something Lakewood can be proud of.

Sustainability means a lot to a lot of different people. Learn more about what we are doing for our community here

Neighborhoods Realizing Their Dreams

Within the last four years, we have seen a nationally recognized arts district blossom, bringing new vibrancy to some of our oldest neighborhoods. Now, new galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and a brewery dot portions of West Colfax that have been long forgotten. A key highlight of the district is the 40 West Artline, a free and interactive art experience connecting three of Lakewood’s historic neighborhood parks.

Please join us in our groundbreaking efforts to bring back our focus to your street.

Joined the Voters in Reinvesting Millions of Dollars

Together, in November of 2018, we passed Question 2D, which in the first year alone has dedicated over 8.5 million dollars for new parks and open space acquisitions, increased resources, and police agents, and is providing significant traffic mitigation infrastructure to the city. 


Click here to be a policy wonk on 2D.

Our Vision of the Future


All year, we have been celebrating Lakewood’s 50th anniversary. We live in a special place – one that combines a rich history and a strong foundation with a bright future. We must be inspired by both the past, and the future: When I think of what Lakewood can become, I think of an innovative, compassionate, and inclusive city where everyone has an opportunity to realize their dreams and live the life they choose. The good news is that every day, I see aspects of this vision coming to life in our city. If we keep coming together and celebrating our differences, rather than letting them divide us, I have no doubt we can achieve our shared dreams – aided by a responsive, nimble government that provides the amenities, services, and economic opportunities that we deserve and pay for. 



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