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Adam Paul for Lakewood Mayor


Dear Lakewood,

I hope you are enjoying the summer, election time is right around the corner! As we honor Lakewood's 50th Anniversary let's look to the future and ensure that Lakewood will continue to be a great City for another 50 years. It is with this vision we will be kicking off my re-election. 

Some of you have been on this journey with me since I was first elected to the Green Mountain Water Board in 2001. Through the years we have worked hard to make Lakewood a great place for all who live here. It hasn't been easy and our work is not done! As we enter into our final election we must continue to give the folks in our community without a voice leadership that looks towards the future while vigorously carrying on the fight for our Lakewood Way. My mother wrote me a letter in 1989 just before she died that charged me with a task: “work to change the ugliness in this world.” That's what I've tried to do by serving our community for the last 18 years and that’s what I'll continue to do when you re-elect me to the mayor's office. Please join me in kicking off this election season by standing together and helping to move our great city forward.

This election is going to be competitive and the reality is that we are going to need everyone to pitch in. Please help us continue the fight for our Lakewood Way by making a donation today.



It's important we keep Lakewood moving forward. Will you help me keep our momentum? An investment in our message is an investment in Lakewood's future. $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $800.

*Campaign finance regulations limit donations to $800*







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