All living former Lakewood Mayors for past 30+ years endorse Adam Paul

Dear Lakewood Residents,

Once again, you have a very important choice to make this November—the election of the City of Lakewood Mayor.

Each of us has had the honor of serving as Lakewood Mayor, so we believe we know what it takes to do the job. That is why all of the living former Lakewood Mayors, as well as the current Lakewood Mayor, are unanimously supporting ADAM PAUL to be the next City of Lakewood Mayor.

We are doing so for the following reasons:

  • Adam has the recognized and proven leadership qualities that will keep Lakewood moving forward.
  • Adam, who grew up in Lakewood, believes in the people of Lakewood and knows there is opportunity to make Lakewood an even better place to live, work & play.
  • Adam has high expectations for the future of Lakewood and at the same time honors the heritage of our past.
  • Adam is committed to continue involving the citizens of our community in the decision-making process.
  • Adam knows that the Lakewood Mayor’s office is a non-partisan position and believes that political-party politics should not be a factor in any city campaign.

As former Mayors, we believe the City of Lakewood is best served by a proven leader who instills a positive attitude and vision for the future.

It has been said that each Lakewood Mayor was the right mayor for the time served. Adam Paul is the right person to be elected Lakewood Mayor this November.

City of Lakewood Mayor Linda Shaw, 1983-1991

City of Lakewood Mayor Linda Morton, 1991-1999

City of Lakewood Mayor Steve Burkholder, 1999-2007

City of Lakewood Mayor, Bob Murphy, 2007-2015

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