Endorsements for Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul

The Lakewood Mayor’s race is non-partisan and I pledge to always put the interests of our citizens first. As the old saying goes, “Potholes don’t have a party- they just need to be fixed!” I sincerely believe that “party” politics have no place in city policy and I am unaffiliated.

I am proud to have gained the support and endorsement from a broad, bipartisan coalition of elected officials, civic leaders, business owners and most importantly, Lakewood neighbors. I pledge to run a clean, positive campaign focused on issues our community cares about. You can always reach me on my home phone number at 303-988-6484 to discuss the future of Lakewood or any issue. 

State-Wide Officials, Current and Former

Congressman Ed Perlmutter

State Board of Education Jane Goff

Jeffco Commissioner Lesley Dahlkemper

Jeffco Commissioner Libby Szabo

Jeffco Commissioner Casey Tighe

Jeffco Sheriff Jeff Shrader

Jeffco Assessor Scot Kersgaard

Sen. Brittany Pettersen

Rep. Chris Kennedy

Rep. Kerry Tipper

Jeffco School Board President Ron Mitchell

Jeffco School Board Susan Harmon

Jeffco School Board Amanda Stevens

Former Sen. Andy Kerr

Former Sen. Cheri Jahn

Former Sen. Betty Boyd

Former Sen. Norma Anderson

Former Sen. Mike Feeley

Former Sen. Deanna Hanna

Former Sen. Bonnie Allison

Former State Rep. Max Tyler

Former State Rep. Cole Wist

Former State Rep. Matt Knoedler

Former Jeffco Sheriff Ted Mink

Former Jeffco Clerk & Recorder Pam Anderson

Former Jeffco Sheriff Ron Beckham

Former Jeffco District Attorney Scott Storey

Lakewood Mayors 

Bob Murphy 2007-2015

Steve Burkholder 1999-2007

Linda Morton 1991-1999

Linda Shaw 1983-1991

Lakewood City Council Members, Current and Former

Karen Kellen, Ward 1

Dennis Mateski, Ward 1

Sharon Vincent, Ward 2

Jacob LaBrue, Ward 2

Cindy Baroway, Ward 2

Scott Koop, Ward 2

Debbie Koop, Ward 2

Shakti, Ward 3

Sue King, Ward 3

Ed Peterson, Ward 3

Jackie Herbst, Ward 3

Doug Anderson, Ward 4

Ray Elliott, Ward 4

Tom Booher, Ward 4

Gordon Garrett, Ward 4

Dana Gutwein, Ward 5

Karen Harrison, Ward 5

Tom Quinn, Ward 5

Diana (Allen) Wilson, Ward 5

Mike Stevens, Ward 5

Carol Kesselman, Ward 5

Kathy Stapleton, Ward 5

Carl Neu, Ward 5

West Metro Fire Board Director, Current and Former

Cassie Tanner, President

Mike Feeley

Pam Feely

Tony Gonzales

Marta Murray

Joseph Margotte

Other Elected Leaders 

Marc Williams, Arvada Mayor

Kris Teegardin, former Edgewater Mayor

Cathy Noon, former Centennial Mayor

Bud Starker, Wheat Ridge Mayor

Davis Reinhart, former Wheat Ridge City Council member

Lewis Short, former Green Mountain Water Board 

Carl Mulay, Green Mountain Water Board 

Ken Kronenberger, former Green Mountain Water Board 

Tom Malone, former Green Mountain Water Board

Chris Hernandez, former Green Mountain Water Board

Hon. Ron Slinger

Hon. Rick Enstrom

Citizens, Business Owners & Community Groups

Support Jeffco Kids

West Metro Firefighters Local 1309

Lakewood Police Union 303

Peter Powers

G. Blu Wagner

Dana Shea-Reid

Ron Seigneur

Margotte Family

Ray Baker

John Bandimere Jr.

Felix Cook

Jim & Kate Curtis

Amy Sherman

Liz Geisleman

Barbara Heckle

Carrie Mesch

Jerry Natividad

Mike Dino

Mike Driver

Tammy McClure-Kerr

Carla Mink

Joe Carr

Skyler McKinley

Jon & Lorna Fox

Elisa Heitman

Ed & Diane Rhodus

Tom Murray

LaDawn Sperling

Jon Ludwigson

Jenn Penn

Chrissy Estes-Faraci

Brian Deegan

John Danielson

Bernice Bertolli

Michael Coughlin

Cathy Revie

Arthur Ortegon

Karen Lind

Marty Topping

Susan Goldman

Chad Kirkpatrick

Jason Heinrich

Nicole Esteve

John Gunzer

Jim Zelenski

Joseph Hogan

Michael Hogan

Daniel Hogan

Don Ferega

Stephen & Amanda Price

Don & Nancy Pfannenstiel

Mary Ann Stevenson

Carolyn Evans

Jennifer Sylman

Tom Towner

Erica Salerno

Jennifer Boddy

Judy & Jim Prichett

Chris & Jamie Bruhl

Mary Loverde

Cathy & Colby Hatfield

Judy Davis

Cathy Krendl

Chris Marconi

Kathi Hasfjord

Randy & Maddie Nichols

Clinton Brown

Betty Jordan

Pres Askew

Debbie Dispense

Chuck Thorman

Lou & Angie D'Aurio

Peter Gould

Kevin Yoshida

Mary Vodneck

Robert Youngberg

Michael Seibert

Jeff Lamontagne

Bob Zachman

Christine Laursen

Patricia Matthews

Sam Guyton

Steve & Lorna Ozawa

Rob Moss

Rob Eadie

Jeff & Gale Haley

Bette Seeland

Steve Bosshart

Eric Anhold

Brenda Bronson

Jeslin Shahrezaei

Brad Evans

James Collins

Scott Chase

Jim Elmore 

Jennifer Teeuwen

Sam Zakhem

Michelle Resendez

Aaron Paul

Bruce Feustel

Kyra deGruy

Eugene Rooks

Bobbi Sanchez

Lisa Smith

Michael and Leann Lupomech

Lois Witte

Steven Katich

Steve Senigla

Carrie Sonneborn

Carolee Koehn

Zee Ferrufino

Matt Teeuwen

Gay Dugan

Jerry Eslinger

Bob James

Michele Barnett

Kim Massey

Ann and Dave Rutkofsky

Sue and Phil Parilla

Kathleen McInnish

Danielle Preston

Josh Raaz

Jo and Dick Bryant

Hongyi Jones

Mike and Michelle Franz

Tari Vickery

Jesse Ogas, Executive Director at Firefly Autism

Raymond Huff

Carol Cook

Jackie McGaughy

Matt Brown

Tim Ryan

Catherine Hoerter

Ron Horstman

Pepe Parrado

Henry Koehler

Sara Livingston

Trish Merkel

Gretchen May

Richard Olver

Dave Sellards

Sam Martinez

Tony Burke

Robert Wilson

Amira Watters

Bernice Winchip

Gary Harty

Dave Kellogg

Jerry English

Steven Silvers






184 endorsements

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