Adam Paul for Lakewood Mayor 2015

Thank you!

I am humbled to have earned the trust of Lakewood voters this year and look forward to serving as your Mayor. I was sworn in on November 23, 2015 and am ready to get to work. I have always believed that we have a bright future in our city and will work hard everyday to keep Lakewood a great place to live, work and play. Please stay involved, stay informed and don't hesitate to contact me about anything that is important to you.  My email address is and my home phone number is 303-988-6484.

Adam on the Issues

Federal Center Station Neighborhood Proposal

UPDATE: Adam Paul voted to postpone a decision on this proposal to March 28, 2016 so that more citizen involvement and input can take place. The decision was unanimous.

There has been a lot of lively discussion about a proposal for Lakewood to purchase 59 acres of vacant land owned by the Federal Center, commonly referred to as the “Horseshoe Property”. Adam is still gathering information, and his decision is going to be based on facts and the best interests of Lakewood. This is a unique opportunity for Lakewood, but there are still questions that need to be answered.

Read more details about this issue, or visit to learn more about this proposal.



Fiscal Responsibility

Adam has a strong record of fiscal responsibility from his 14 years of public service. During his eight years on Lakewood City Council, the city grew reserves every year, even throughout the Great Recession. In his first year on City Council he fought for more transparency and got the city checkbook published online so taxpayers can see where every penny is spent. He voted to eliminate the grocery tax, putting more money in taxpayer pockets. In 2015 he voted against the storm water fee increase. As Mayor, Adam will continue to make sure that Lakewood is financially healthy and responsible.


Single Hauler Trash

As a small business owner, Adam knows the value of competition and believes individuals deserve choices. He will not support a single hauler trash company for the city.


Planning for the Future

Adam was proud to vote for Lakewood’s first Sustainability Plan, which will be used as a guide for building a more efficient, healthy environment for all of us. Strong neighborhoods are at the core of a healthy community which is why Adam brought forth amendments to the Lakewood Comprehensive Plan that emphasized historic preservation and protecting the character of our neighborhoods.


Smart Growth & Development

The Denver Regional Council of Governments has projected that Lakewood would grow roughly 20% over the next ten years. Adam supports smart growth through transit-oriented development along the light rail and major corridors. Transit-oriented development, or TOD, protects our older neighborhoods while allowing for more infill growth in the right places. Adam will make sure developers “pay their way”, requiring them to minimize their impact on the community by investing in infrastructure like roads, sidewalks and street lights. The taxpayers won’t be left holding the bag so developers can profit.


Parks and Recreation

Adam will always protect our 99+ parks and open spaces and look for opportunities to grow them. On city council he worked with neighbors to get land that was purchased on a tax sale back from a developer and designate it open space. Adam also has a proven track record of investing in our parks and rec centers, so we have outdoor spaces that are well-maintained and easy to enjoy.



Public Safety

Lakewood’s reputation for being a safe, secure community is not an accident. We have a highly professional and well-paid police force that Adam is proud of and will always support. Making sure the men and women who protect us have the resources they need is important. That is why Adam is supporting adding eight uniformed police officers and two civilian community service officers in the 2016 budget.


Open Door Policy and Transparency

City Hall is the people’s home and Adam is committed to an open-door policy in the Mayor’s office when he is elected. Adam is attentive and responsive to the community. He believes that elected officials have a duty to gain and keep the trust of constituents. No person or special interest group should be able to give unlimited amounts of money to a Lakewood Mayor or City Council campaign. Adam voted for limiting the amount any candidate can take from one person or group. His opponent voted against limiting money in Lakewood politics.

Open communication between elected officials, neighbors and business owners is essential to keeping Lakewood moving forward. Adam’s home number is 303-988-6484.